Secure Digital Markets​
2021 Year in Review​

Secure Digital Markets is proud to present our annual Year in Review for 2021

We have gathered our thought leaders within our company while also collaborating with members of the external crypto community to share our findings on many topics in 2021 while providing our insights for the year ahead.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, a veteran crypto trader or an institution increasing exposure, we have exactly what you’re looking for.



Smart Contracts

And much more…


Price Action

Crypto Regulations

And much more…

“Secure Digital Markets is an OTC trading desk that provides institutions, miners, exchanges and individuals with a custom pathway to digital asset liquidity. After over $2B of transactions, we have streamlined the acquisition, storage and liquidation of digital assets to ensure that all our customers’ needs are delivered in a secure and compliant manner”

Mostafa Al-Mashita

EVP, Sales & Trading

White-Glove Service

  • Around-the-clock trading service and proprietary GUI
  • Dedicated account manager to manage OTC trades and friendly multi-jurisdictional banking infrastructure
  • Same-day or flexible settlements on the top 15 digital assets pairs available against G1 Currencies

OTC In A Box

Secure Digital Markets ‘Brokerage in a Box’ offers traders, OTC desks, and other liquidity venues with a turnkey trading solution. We allow vendors to leverage SDM’s premier liquidity, KYC and support systems and package it within vendor specific branding. Allowing vendors to offer their clients SDM’s premier trading infrastructure, compiled into a brand kit they are already familiar with.

Digital Asset Expertise

Management of inflow and outflow of fiat to cover operational/remittance needs: SDM deals with top digital assets and stablecoins that are widely paired against G10 fiat currencies (USD/EUR/GBP/CAD/JPY/AUD/CHF) for easy and quick liquidation.

Best-in-class Spreads

Secure Digital Markets is your gateway to digital asset liquidity. With ultra-low latency connectivity streams to 10+ of the industries largest liquidity providers, SDM provides the tightest spreads on bitcoin exposure with limited drawdown.

Experience servicing a full suite of institutional clients across the blockchain industry

Institutions & Corporations
BTM Networks
Family Offices & HNWI
Token Issues
Payment Processors