Metaverse Consulting Advisory

360 Degree Service for Corporations and Investors Looking for Metaverse Exposure

Metaverse Advisors is a Web3 consultancy service that makes it easy for corporations and investors to get involved with the metaverse. Our unmatched expertise in the metaverse space streamlines the process for all our clients. 

Services include virtual land brokerage, software analytics and reporting tools for clients in evaluating virtual land investments, appraisals, and visitor traffic information including the time spent within a virtual store or on a property.

Our Competitive Advantage

Custom consulting packages depending on clients needs

Access to 5+ on - and off-chain data sources for evaluating virtual land investments

Balance sheet of 8-figures of metaverse land and NFTs

Biggest resource base and balance sheet (8-figures of metaverse assets)

Deep differentiated pool of expertise

Rare Expertise in a Brand New Space

Each package is customized to fit the client. At the high end, we’ve consulted on corporate strategies that involved the land purchase, store buildout, wallet development, and implementation of a custom wearable into the store.

And if an investor wants to make an investment into the metaverse, we can facilitate that investment and help the investor make an educated decision.

Operating as a partnership between Metaverse Group and Secure Digital Markets, Metaverse Advisors is the easiest gateway to involvement in the metaverse.

This service is more than a simple brokerage service. It’s advisory based on data and experience not available anywhere else. The Executive Team at Metaverse Group have unparalleled experience in the space and have been pushing the world of Web3 forward since as early as 2012.