Unlock Liquidity On Your Digital Assets Without Worrying About The Safety Of Your Lender

SDM offers institutional-grade backing on our lending, but with all the benefits of a company that is crypto-first and actually understands your business. Our team has decades of lending experience. You get a high-touch customer experience and 5-day decision period on margin calls that will ease your mind when market volatility has you on edge.

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No leverage, no borrowings – SDM Lending is a strong counterparty in these volatile digital asset markets


Low Fixed Rates on Loans

We have a competitive lending rate of 6.5% and offer flexible non-recourse loans. SDM provides some of the deepest liquidity in the market, because of our international connections in capital markets.

Safe Custody of Funds

Unlike other lenders, we’re not overexposed to the price of Bitcoin. We only deal with Tier 1 fully regulated and unleveraged lenders, which means your funds are safe. Our team runs on strict risk parameters, so we’re ready for anything.

Improve Returns on Your Assets

You have hidden liquidity in your portfolio right now. To access it, all you need to do is borrow against your existing cryptocurrency. You’ll still benefit from all the capital appreciation, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of bargains in the market and get higher profits.”

We understand your needs…

There is instability in the digital asset markets, but that can be your opportunity if you act now. Secure Digital Markets provides a frictionless lending experience for institutional investors.

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