A Seamless OTC Trading Experience for Institutional Investors


SDM is a high-touch trading service that institutional investors use to get great fills on their digital asset trades. Armed with a vast array of electronic and automated execution strategies, we provide spot trading services to institutional and high-net-worth clients across 60+ international markets.

When you deal with us, there are no hidden spreads and no hidden fees. SDM provides some of the deepest liquidity in the market, with cutting-edge technologies and off-exchange transactions available to all our clients.

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Dedicated account manager. Deep liquidity. Compliant handling.


Fastest-Growing Trading Desk in North America

With an MSB license with offices in Toronto and New York, a global network, and hundreds of clients whose trades we handle, we’re better positioned than your average trading desk. Our continued reinvestment in the client experience helps us provide industry-leading asset pricing and launch initiatives like our brand-new trading interface.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We cater to all types of institutional user types and can provide you with everything from auto-liquidation to a direct feed of liquidity right to your API. Your dedicated account manager will facilitate same-day settlement, brief you on how to work your banking system, and provide other advisory services upon request. When we say full-service, we mean it.

Compliance Focused

Our 24/7 customer service support comes with a robust KYC/AML program that can approve new clients in under 24 hours. We know your needs and provide transactional auditing and client record-keeping, as well as having a detailed knowledge of how to work with multiple banking systems.

Relationship-Focused Spot Trading
Means More Attention and Better Fills

Secure Digital Markets creates a frictionless digital asset trading experience for institutional investors. Great customer service and better fills are just the beginning. To give each trade the attention and care it deserves, SDM is here for you.

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